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SNSF open access requirements: monographs and book chapters

The overview below summarises SNSF open access requirements only as they relate to monographs and book chapters. It does not include information regarding other research publications such as journal articles.

Summary of open access requirements:

Scope of policy (content):

All peer-reviewed scientific monographs, anthologies and book chapters financed by the SNSF. Financing by the SNSF refers to financing of the research that has generated the results being published and/or direct financing of the publication by a book processing charge (BPC) or a book chapter processing charge (BCPC), resp.

Maximum Embargo:

12 months (No embargo for publications which the SNSF funded by a BPC/BCPC)

Funding availability

Yes; Publications resulting from funded projects:

  • SNSF has a funding scheme for OA Books (BPC) and OA Book Chapters (BCPC) for publications resulting from funded projects (ongoing and completed projects).
  • Stand-alone publications: SNSF has a funding scheme for stand-alone publications (such as monographs and edited collections). Eligible researchers should apply to SNSF.

Licence (gold)

  • For book publications: One of the CC licences, CC-BY recommended
  • For book chapters: One of the CC licences recommended

Self-archiving of author manuscript

Not included in the policy.


Publications that are funded by a BPC must be made available on the website of the publisher and be deposited in an institutional repository, in the OAPEN Library and at the Swiss National Library.

Deposit timing and process

If a BPC is paid publishers must deposit the work on behalf of the author immediately upon publication on their website.

If a BPC is paid authors must deposit the OA version of the publication in an institutional or discipline-specific repository immediatly upon publication.

If a BPC is paid SNSF deposits the OA version of the publication in the OAPEN Library as well as at the Swiss National Library.

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