OAPEN Open Access Books Toolkit

For authors

The OAPEN Open Access Books Toolkit aims to help book authors to better understand open access book publishing and to increase trust in open access books. You will be able to find relevant articles on open access book publishing following the research lifecycle, by browsing frequently asked questions or by searching with keywords.

The OAPEN Open Access Books Toolkit is governed by a global team of stakeholders representing the research community, publishers, open access organisations, funders and research support. This resource strives to be an authoritative, credible and stakeholder-agnostic resource for users worldwide. To enable continuous updates and credibility, the toolkit is governed by an Editorial Advisory Board and chaired by OAPEN. More information can be found on the toolkit website.

Access the toolkit: www.oabooks-toolkit.org

Support the toolkit: https://oabooks-toolkit.org/support/1763828-support-the-toolkit