Open Press Tilburg University

Peer review procedure

Monographs and Edited Volumes by Open Press Tilburg University will all undergo an academic peer review before final publication. The managing editor will establish a subject-specific Editorial Board. This Board will select at least two appropriate experts for reviewing the manuscript.

The review process is open by default: reviewers and writers are allowed to be open about their identities. The author is also allowed to share the manuscript or preprint before publication, to arrange a thorough scholarly discussion. On request of the author, the peer review procedure may also be executed blind (with anonymous author) or double blind (anonymous author and anonymous reviewers).

Reviewers are asked to write a statement, addressing the soundness of the methodology and conducted research, the structure of the argumentation; the utilization of proper data handling, referencing and FAIR principles. The statements will be forwarded to the author of the submitted manuscript. On basis of mutual agreement of authors and reviewers, these statements are also allowed to be published openly (on ResearchEquals, Open Science Framework, or another Open Science Platform).

Additionally, the reviewers are asked to provide a (confidential) verdict, with three options: 1.) the manuscript can be published as it is, 2.) the manuscript needs rewriting, or 3.) the manuscript is not suited for publication. In case a reviewer reckons the manuscript to be deficient, the publication process will be aborted or postponed. The Editorial Board is responsible for weighing review reports and deciding on publication.