Palgrave Macmillan

Peer review procedure

All OA books published at Palgrave are subject to rigorous review and the same quality assurance measures apply for OA and non-OA content.

Palgrave endorses (peer) review as a key factor in developing and validating high quality scholarly publications. It is understood that readership differs per book type (edited volumes, reference works, textbooks, professional books, and conference proceedings (amongst others) and that the approach to assess the merit of the work should be aligned with both the expectations of the intended audience and norms within a specific discipline.

All books published by Palgrave undergo review. This usually involves a review by experts; this can be either independent external reviewers or inhouse subject specialists. Proposals and manuscript submissions to Palgrave are assessed and reviewed by an inhouse editor who decides whether the submission is suitable to send out for further review to appropriate book series editors, editorial board and/or external peer reviewers, after which a decision is made whether the content is suitable for publication.

The reviewers’ reports are taken into account in the decision making for manuscript acceptance.