meson press

Peer review procedure

As a small press, we publish a select choice of books each year, which challenge contemporary theories and advance key debates in the humanities today. All meson press publications must adhere rigorous quality standards. While the process can vary there is a basic standard framework: After an initial assessment, the proposal will be peer reviewed anonymously by an external academic (double blind). Upon receipt of the complete, final manuscript, it is peer reviewed by at least one academic or expert.

In order to provide coherent feedback for the proposing author, peer review comments may be collated and redacted as required. The author is asked to respond to the peer reviews and respond to the suggestions made. Depending on the review comments and on the significance of any concerns there may be further iterations of review and feedback. If there are any issues, meson press discusses the review with the author, and if necessary another reviewer may be sought. The final submission needs to be approved.