Austrian Academy of Sciences Press

Peer review procedure

As academic publisher, the Austrian Academy of Sciences Press attaches particular importance to the highest quality of the works it publishes.

All manuscripts we receive are subjected to an international and anonymous academic review process (peer review). This review checks compliance with academic standards, relevance and topicality of the subject matter and guarantees that the book projects meet a high standard both in terms of content and formally..

The reviews are carried out by academics working abroad specialising in the field. The reviewers must not be biased in any way with respect to the authors, or be under any professional, financial or personal obligations to them.

Within the set deadline, the selected reviewers prepare informative, non-anonymised reviews that are made available to the Press. At least two reviews are obtained for each work. These reviews form the basis for the decision by the Section for the Humanities and Social Sciences or the Section for Mathematics and the Natural Sciences, as the case may be, to accept, modify or reject the manuscript.

If a review recommends that the work be revised, the suggestions and criticisms provided are communicated to the authors by the Press in anonymised form. Following the revision of the work, the further stages up to the printing of the book are discussed with the author and if appropriate a contract is concluded.