Peer review procedure

We promote and oversee the use of peer review as a method of selection available to our editors for making editorial decisions and to our authors for improving their works.

Since 2013 we provide a digital platform for tracking the blind peer review process of books (FrancoAngeli Series) powered by Open Monograph Press (OMP).

Manuscripts are submitted to our editors, that make a first selection before sending them to the series chief editor for an “Internal Review”. If accepted, the manuscripts will be sent to one or two external reviewers, single or double blindly (depending on what is applicable in the field or in the series).

If the reviewer accepts the review request, he will be invited to fill an evaluation form for assessing: the scientific relevance of the work, the consistency of research results, the research methodology and the overall quality of the argumentation.

The outcome of the review process could be ‘Accept submission’, ‘Request revisions’, ‘Resubmit for review’ or ‘Decline submission’. In all cases, authors will receive the anonymised reviewers’ reports. In case of sponsored publications, their review will be based solely on the scientific value of the contents.