UJ Press

Peer review procedure

All our publications are subjected to a double-blind peer-review process before publication.

The review process takes place according to the following principles

• Pre-publication peer review. • Double-blind peer review. • The Editor mediates all interactions between reviewers and authors. • Peer reviews are not published. • Reviews are owned by the authors of the reviews.

In evaluating the manuscript, reviewers focus on the following aspects:

• Originality • Contribution to the field • Technical quality • Clarity of presentation • Depth of research


The manuscript is blinded and all references to the author is removed. The manuscript is then sent to two to three specialists in the field, not at the same institution as the editors. The reviewers complete the review form. The reviews are then blinded and sent to the editors for the revision of the manuscript based on the feedback from the reviewers. The revised manuscript with a document explaining how they addressed the reviews are provided. The updated manuscript (blinded) and the feedback from the editors is then sent back to the reviewers for their final approval. Once the reviewers approve the updated manuscript, the publication is accepted.

The publisher selects independent specialists in the field as reviewers. These reviewers are not at the same institution as the editors and not on the Press’ editorial advisory committee.