IOS Press

Peer review procedure

Description of the Peer Review process for IOS Press books (incl. imprints)

All book proposals are reviewed by an experienced (associate) publisher at IOS Press to assess whether or not its subject matter is suitable for IOS Press. Monograph manuscripts are reviewed either by an editorial board or by other peers who are expert in the subject. They are asked to pay attention to a range of points, e.g. the scientific method used, the language and communication skills of the author, and to what extent the author makes a significant contribution to the body of knowledge on the subject. The reviewer decides whether or not blind peer review is used.

The publisher monitors the review process and tries to keep the refereeing delay within 3 months. The reward for a referee report received is either a complimentary book, occasionally supplemented with a modest fee. When at least two reports are received by the publisher a decision is made to accept, revise or reject the book for publication. The author is informed of the decision and is given the (anonymous) referee reports. Desirable revisions are then discussed between author and publisher, and sometimes the reviewer.

For manuscripts of proceedings and edited volumes, the scientific editors of the volume organize the review of the contributions. IOS Press does not commission a separate peer review process.