Policy Press

Peer review procedure

We take peer review very seriously and our titles go through both proposal and typescript reviews to ensure they are of the highest quality and meet the needs of the intended audience.

The procedure is as follows:

All proposals under consideration for publication by Policy Press are sent to external peer reviewers who are asked to comment on the proposal and any draft material (or the full typescript if submitted at this stage) using our peer review guidelines.

The peer reviewers are selected for their expertise in the related field. Authors are asked to suggest appropriate peer reviewers but if these are asked, they are not the sole reviewers of the proposal.

Authors are asked to respond to the peer reviews and revise the proposal if necessary. If the reviews support publication of the proposed book, it will be presented at the next approval meeting where editorial, sales and marketing discuss new proposals.

In return for writing a peer review Policy Press offers the reviewer a selection of their books up to a certain value with thanks for their time.

We also peer review all typescripts prior to production of the book. Authors are asked to submit a draft to allow time for review and any recommended revisions before final delivery. At least one review of the full text is received from an external peer reviewer who answers the questions in our typescript review guidelines. Reviewers are offered a payment or a selection of Policy Press books up to a certain value with thanks for their time.

The peer review procedure is coordinated by the Senior Editorial Assistant and the Assistant Editor with the support and supervision of the Commissioning Editor and Senior Commissioning Editors.